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    At this time, there are no training courses scheduled for 2015. That can change suddenly based on my being contacted and asked to present the training somewhere, sometime. At that time I will post the planned training here on this web page. I urge you to check this web page frequently. Thank you.

    Standard Course Information page:

  • NOTE: Contact me by phone/email to express your interest in a class. If enough interest is demonstated we will specify a date.

  • ALSO: We will travel to your location to present this 3-Day training at your facility for your staff. Call or email me to discuss costs and scheduling.

  • Or, if you will enroll enough students from your firm/agency to makeup a "Class Core" (e.g. ~10 students), I can schedule the class at a nearby hotel in your area and cover expenses by opening the training up to others. You would, of course, receive a discount. Call/email for details.